Monday, December 12, 2016

Astronomy on Tap: Galaxies!

All photographs were taken by Christophe Marcade.

Tonight we finished off our astronomy events for the year with two great talks by local astronomers at our Astronomy on Tap series.  The theme of the night was galaxies, and the talks did not disappoint.  First off, we had UCLA postdoc Jordan Mirocha talking about his area of research, the formation of the first galaxies in the universe.

Next, we had a delightful talk by Caltech graduate student, Ivanna Escala, discussing the various ways in which galaxies can get ripped apart, starved of their star-forming fuel, or eaten by larger galaxies!

It was a fun night and a great way to finish off the year.  Have a great holiday, everyone.  See you in January!


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  1. Even though Im not an astronomy's major but I always found it interesting enough to caught my attention!! It was nice to read about an event held regarding it! Hope you guys enjoyed yourself!